Mud and Geochemistry


I am Mariano Remírez and I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences at George Mason University. I am part of Geoff Gilleaudeau's Lab.

My work focuses on reconstructing paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic conditions of ancient epeiric seas through studies that involve stratigraphy, petrography, SEM, and geochemical analysis of fine-grained rocks.

I am eager to integrate an interdisciplinary research team specially dedicated to mudrock studies for a comprehensive understanding of the processes and conditions for its deposition, as well as to study carbon cycle perturbations and mass extinctions. But also, I am interested in teaching and education research, as well as in the history and philosophy of sciences.




Had a fantastic and busy week in La Plata at the Latin American and Argentine Meeting of Sedimentology. Chaired the 'Sedimentology of Black Shales' session with Germán Otharán and Marcos Comerio, as well as a special session for undergrad and graduate students. Honored to give a keynote talk about salinity proxies on the lacustrine session. Thanks to everyone for making it an incredible week! See you in Córdoba!

The session 'The stratigraphic record of paleoenvironmental variation in epeiric basins' in the past IMS in Dubrovnik that we organized was really exciting! Thanks to all the participants and presenters, and special thanks to the co-chairs Miquel, Ernesto Schwarz, Chelsea, and Orsolya.